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A good library is the backbone of an institution,St.michael has a well stocked library. They are supervised by trained and qualified

librarians.The collection of books covers a wild range including short stories, plays, poems, fiction, classics, adventure stories, general

knowledge, Science, History, Geography, Art, Photography, travel, and tourism etc. Boys are encouraged to develop the habit of reading.

The School has a library committee which constantly suggests and review the arrival of books and suggest

Library Rules

The School library is open to all students of St.michael.One book per week will be issued to each student.The students should observe the following rules.

Students should borrow books only on their own cards.

Strict silence must be maintained in the library.

Books lost/damaged/disfigured will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower.

Personal books/belongings are not supposed to be brought into the library.

Any child found damaging or defacing a library book would be debarred from using the library for a time period,which will be decided   upon by the school authorities.

No student may take books out of the library without the permission of the librarian.

The due date for returning the books is 7 days later from the date of issue.

Students should return books on /within the due dates, failing which a fine will be charged.

It is mandatory for students to return the books before Holidays and the School Examination.

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